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operating mode of TP-Link wireless devices

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operating mode of TP-Link wireless devices

There are various TP-Link devices which have multiple operating modes like Wireless Router, bridge, AP, AP client router, and router which can confuse a user. A user who don’t have a deep knowledge about these modes can get confuse which mode he/she should use.

This blogs will help you to know about these modes and how these modes work  tp link access point.

  1. AP Mode (for hotel Internet extension)

This mode is used where user wants to convert wired connections into wireless connection. This mode is behind the router and works like a switch. If you want a wireless connection for a short time like in office, hotel or on a LAN gaming party then you should opt AP mode.

  1. Wireless Router Mode (for home Internet sharing)

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If there are many clients and only a single wireless connection with only single WAN port like a home based internet connection then a user can opt for wireless router mode. It can support multiple connections in single time like Dynamic IP/Static IP/PPPoE/L2TP/PPTP. If there is a single modem available but multiple users want to share the internet then you can go with Wireless Router Mode.

  1. Repeater mode (for home Wi-Fi extension)

This mode is used to extend the wireless connections coverage area with same SSID and security. When you are already using a wireless internet but there are some places where the connection is weak or dead, you can go with repeater to boost the strength of the Wi-Fi. With this mode you have only single SSID and your client can move anywhere.

  1. Bridge Mode (for home or business networking)

This mode works when someone borrows existing wireless internet and use it with different network name and password. In this mode two different groups can use two individual networks by sharing a single internet connection. This mode is mainly used in the restaurant, bar or coffee shops where an internet service facility is offered to the customers without revealing the password.

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